Insect Plant 🐜

by 20 Nov, 2020

Insect Plant

There are a variety of different protein sources on mother earth. Depending on your dietary restrictions or preferences, one might opt for eggs, chicken, tuna or tofu. Well, ADM and InnovaFeed are partnering up to add another one to the list after announcing its plans to build the largest insect protein plant in Decatur, Illinois.

As more and more companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, along with the fact that global feed grain prices are on the rise, it makes a lot of sense that these developments are in place as insects are viewed as a sustainable alternative to fishmeal and other high-protein foods.

The company released a statement saying that the plant will produce 60,000 tonnes of animal feed protein from a special and highly nutritional type of fly called Hermetia Illucens. Along with the flies, the plant will produce 20,000 tonnes of oil for poultry and swine rations and 400,000 tonnes of fertilizer.

The facility is going to be built right next to ADM’s huge corn processing factory and will use some of the products developed in the factory as feed for the insects. This will make it an efficient collaborative process between the two facilities, and it is said that this joint venture will emit 80% less carbon dioxide than a standalone facility.

With the world moving towards sustainable and low carbon emission initiatives, insect protein is looking like a viable option for animals and farmers. With that being said, is it possible that humans will also move more and more towards insects as a protein source over the coming future?

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