Huawei Trumps Apple 🍏

by | 3 May, 2019

Huawei Trumps Apple 

That’s right, people, Huawei has finally toppled Apple from the #2 spot in smartphone production and investors are starting to take its threats of overtaking 1st place Samsung a bit more seriously. As they should be!

Despite the many accusations of aiding Chinese espionage through its 5G technology, the company has managed to grow deliveries by 50% since last year. That’s quite some feat in a tanking smartphone market. Huawei was in fact the only company in the top 4 providers to expand deliveries, while the broader market slipped for a 6th consecutive quarter.

Even though both Apple and Samsung reported better than expected results this quarter, indicating a stabilisation in their sales, they still failed to grow volumes. In the meanwhile, Huawei, gobbled up market share in Chinese and emerging markets through its range of low and mid-range devices.

Its new higher-end models are also beginning to gain traction in developed markets where the traditional notion of brand loyalty is being replaced by value for money. well, it’s about time.

Watch out, Samsung, Huawei is coming….And fast!

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