Fantasy Finance Beginner’s Guide

by 25 Oct, 2018

For a detailed step-by-step guide to Invstr, tap here.

What’s the goal of Fantasy Finance

Your goal is to maximize the performance of your portfolio throughout the month.

How to trade in Fantasy Finance

Start by adding instruments to your watchlist. You can search, select and save up to 15 of your favorite instruments from our wide range of categories.

With so many exciting stocks, currencies and cryptos to choose from you can get buying or selling immediately to create your Fantasy Portfolio.

Entering the Invstr Fantasy League (IFL)
Your Fantasy Portfolio is automatically entered into the IFL and your performance determines your ranking.

Each calendar month the competition starts over, giving you a fresh chance to get into the top 10 and win great prizes.

XP, badges and levels
Earn XP through trading, staying on top of the news & connecting with the community. Level up from Intern to Guru as you master the markets.

Make sure to be opted into notifications so you see the points you’re earning in real-time.

Private Leagues
Want to compete with your friends? Create your own private league, share the invite link and let the contest begin!
Premium Subscription now available
Upgrading your account to premium takes your trading to the next level with:

  • Double XP
  • Extra trades each day
  • Unlimited watchlist slots
  • Technical analysis charting
  • Flexible portfolio allocation
  • Monthly capital insurance
  • Private trading mode to give you the professional trader’s edge
How to master the markets
News – the feed is personalized just for you
Charts – Switch time-frames from one hour to five years, to forecast like a boss
Follow an investor – learn from other Invstrs as your feed tracks their trades & lets you peek at their portfolio
Invest for real
Mastered the markets? Get going with a real trading account by investing from as little as $1. Means you can get a piece of the real action, without needing millions.

Download the Invstr App and play Fantasy Finance today.

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