Poll: How Well Do You Know Your Crypto’s? 🤔

by 8 Jul, 2021

This week we asked the Invstr Community how many cryptocurrencies they have invested into! The response variation was quite interesting with a very much all-or-nothing trend.

Taking first place, at a grand total of 30% of poll respondents, was 5+ cryptocurrencies! Clearly, the Invstr community cannot get enough crypto and seems to be taking advantage of the new crypto’s Invstr has added in the past few months. This trend makes a lot of sense since many people who get into crypto do not get their foot just half wet, but rather check it out completely in hopes of making some big gains. Some of the most popular cryptos included Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as some other altcoins such as Ripple.

In second place and with a silver medal we had respondents who have invested in no cryptocurrency at all, at 29%! (a mere 1% behind those investing in 5 or more crypto’s). I guess crypto isn’t for everyone and most Invstr’s are confident in their choice to either commit or not commit.

 Lastly in third and fourth place respectively, we have those who invested in (3-4 cryptos) at 24% and (1-2 cryptos) at 17%. Those in the middle of the pack seem to be in the minority here, but with crypto being such a new space in the grander scheme of the markets it makes sense for Invstr’s to still be cautious in how much they’re investing. It’s also possible that some Invstr’s is very passionate about only a few cryptocurrencies and aren’t huge fans of all altcoins.

Regardless of your choice, it’s clear that the Invstr community is made up of so many unique Invstr’s who each approach crypto differently! Wishing you continued success in the crypto bonanza of 2021!

The Invstr Team





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All emails include an unsubscribe link. You can opt-out at any time. ​See our privacy policy.

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