Hong Kong: 99% Chinese 🇭🇰

by 28 May, 2020

Hong Kong: 99% Chinese

Hong Kong made massive strides as a final bastion of the British Empire, rapidly growing its economy before sovereignty was transferred to China in 1997. The handover came with a proviso; leave Hong Kong alone, but now this clause is being tested. There’s meddling!

The people of Hong Kong have Chinese origin, mostly, but an important sub-set is Cantonese, which is different. The Cantonese are noticing their language less emphasized in schools, and their culture overlooked. This has helped enflame Hong Kong’s struggle for autonomy as word on the ground says Chinese order is taking over.

There’s been huge protesting since an extradition law was put forward last year that would’ve chipped off even more freedom. Beijing now plans to enact a law quelling protests to new laws. It’s security-based and will allow Chinese agencies to ban “subversion of the central government” out there. The demonstrations have resumed!

The markets learned yesterday that Hong Kong was no longer “politically autonomous,” according to the US. Its special trading status could be taken away and economic sanctions imposed. China says “it’s none of our business” in the West and has blocked President Trump’s attempt to organize a United Nations (UN) Security Council Meeting.

It’s clear that the trade deal between the two nations is dead in the water, but more than that… The coronavirus means the world needs a UN ninety-day time out on war, but the US and China can’t settle on language that makes clear that an armed conflict is off the cards. 2020 is about to get even crazier. American troops on Hong Kong streets?

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