Galaxy Fold On Hold

by | 23 Apr, 2019

Galaxy Fold On Hold

Far far away in another galaxy, where only Samsung would boldly go, things aren’t panning out so well!

Back on earth, Samsung has confirmed that its dual-screen Galaxy Fold handset, which was due to go on sale this week for $1,980, has been delayed due to the touchscreen breaking easily. It seems that all those lucky early-bird journalists couldn’t stop themselves from peeling off what they thought was the usual new kit screen protector cellophane, only to discover it was an integral part of the folding screen. A Galaxy spokesman said. “We will take measures to strengthen the display protection. We will also enhance the guidance on care and use of the display including the protective layer so that our customers get the most out of their Galaxy Fold.”

However, changing people’s habits can be a major challenge. And peeling things off is something every human being has an instinctive urge to do. It seems Huawei, being more cognisant of this, have avoided this problem by ensuring its folding phones fold, or wrap, facing out, rather than in on itself, thus avoiding the problem.

It will be interesting to see whether Samsung or Huawei win this galactic battle.

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