Future of Financial Services – invstr featured in The Raconteur

by Apr 25, 2017

Published in print in The Times or The Sunday Times, The Raconteur’s Special Reports reach and influence some of the most powerful decision-making audiences in the UK and worldwide.

Kerim Derhalli (CEO and Founder of invstr) was quoted by the pieces author, Oscar Williams-Grut: “Kerim Derhalli spent almost 30 years in the City and more than ten years as a managing director at Deutsche Bank before leaving in 2012 to set up investment app Invstr. Like the ex-Barclays boss, he believes there is “a lot of inertia in the commercial mindset”. Also, a lack of technical knowledge at the very highest echelons is holding back progress, he says. “Bank management is largely technologically illiterate,” says Mr Derhalli. “The people who are running large organisations are running them because they were great with clients or they were great with managing risk or they were great at designing products or, frankly, they were just fantastic political animals.”

For the full article which was featured as a part of The Sunday Times, click HERE

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