Economic E-Risks 🚧

by | 10 Jul, 2019

Economic E-Risks

A trade war or a cyberwar? The Street weighs up both hazards this morning as potential suspects of our next global meltdown, as a new survey of Forbes CEOs hooks investors’ attention! 

Risks brewing in cyberspace don’t get as many headlines as they deserve, according to the opinion of over 200 Forbes bosses. Accounting firm EY sent them a somber poll card for the greatest risks to our economic well being. The winner? Lackluster cybersecurity. Income inequality frustrations took a close second place, followed by mass job losses as computer power gets tipped to triumph over that of humans. Jeepers!

It might be time for our companies to start drafting plan B’s for cybersecurity. When asked, that sounds like the new priority of our major stock market players. Acutely aware of their doomsaying predictions, C-suites claim not to be sitting on their hands. Over two-thirds of the institutional investing crowd have backed up promises from business leaders to factor these issues into long-term decision-making, even if it cuts short near-term performance. So, at least that’s something…

Consumers are becoming more unforgiving of the profit-driven enterprise, now using their cash to make a stand with the meteoric adoption of ‘green’ products. In an age of instant news too, brands can’t afford to skimp on climate issues, but many fear that doesn’t extend to A.I dangers and cybersecurity. It’s investors who lead the pack on such matters. The trend of ‘impact-investing’ has allowed stock picker money to flow into a variety of important causes, and the market approach is fast gaining momentum.

Still, it’s our business leaders who’ve earmarked the dangers, and it falls to them to defend our long-term portfolios from threats in the v-space. Don’t trust them? Then what are you going to do about it?

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