Discrimination Complaints Against Google

by 20 Dec, 2021

Discrimination Complaints Against Google

Google reportedly is under investigation for how it treats Black female workers!

Questions have centered on alleged harassment and discrimination in the workplace, according to the emails. Conversations have taken place as recently as last month, one of the sources said.

Attorneys and analysts with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing have interviewed Black women who have worked at the company about alleged harassment and discrimination at the tech giant, Reuters reported.

According to a diversity report Google released earlier this year, Black women makeup around 1.8 percent of its workforce and departed the company at a higher than normal rate. In the report, the company said it had “room for improvement” when it came to keeping underrepresented talent.

Google said it is focused on “building sustainable equity” for its Black workers and that 2020 was its largest year for hiring what it calls “Black+” workers, a designation inclusive of people belonging to multiple races.

“Our goal is to ensure that every employee experiences Google as an inclusive workplace,” it said. “We’ll continue to focus on this important work and thoroughly investigate any concerns, to make sure our workplace is representative and equitable.”

While the company has stepped up its hiring of Black and Latino people, it has not done a good job of retaining such workers, according to its report.

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