A Reassuringly Conventional Election – Kerim Derhalli in Huffington Post

by Jun 8, 2017

invstr CEO and Founder Kerim Derhalli gave his take on the 2017 UK general election to Huffington Post UK:

Like Wimbledon, major political campaigns seem to be becoming an annual fixture of British summers. Following the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014, a general election in 2015 and the Brexit referendum in 2016, we now face another general election in 2017.

In an increasingly volatile world, one thing that we have learned is that there are no foregone conclusions and voters will make the difference. As the transmission of information becomes more seamless and people have greater exposure to non-traditional news and opinion, it becomes harder to predict how they will cast their vote.

This greater voter empowerment, even if it does imply greater political volatility, is a good thing. It demonstrates that democracy works. People are now using their vote to drive political change. Power is returning where it belongs – with the people rather than the political establishment. So, while there may be an element of voter fatigue, I would hope that the taste of power which ordinary voters have been enjoying in recent months will encourage them to turn out in high numbers.

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