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Market Recap – July 22nd💰

The markets took a step back with the S&P 500 down 0.93%, the Dow Jones down 0.43%, and the NASDAQ down 1.87%.


Perplexing Earnings 😕

The markets rose by almost 2.5% last week, and it is up by 5 percent this month after half a year of red. 

charging stations

Universal Charging 🔌

To successfully make the transition from gas to electric vehicles, charging stations would need to be accessible to any driver on the road.


Nord Update 🔥

Last time we checked on the Nord Pipeline, the deadline was approaching for Russia to resume flowing gas to Europe.


Market Recap – July 21st💰

After a slow start, the markets went positive with the S&P 500 up 0.99%, the Dow Jones up 0.51%, and the NASDAQ up 1.36%.


Roadblock ⛔

Tesla’s streak of record quarterly profits ended this quarter, posting a $2.3 billion profit in the second quarter.