Australia Sues Sony 😵

by 29 May, 2019

Australia Sues Sony

Sony has found itself in shark-infested waters after refusing to refund faulty playstation games Down Under, and the Aussie consumer watchdog is having none of it!

Gamers who found issues with their downloads or purchases more than 14 days after receiving their games were barred from receiving a refund until the allegations had been confirmed by the independent developer.  Once confirmed, however, Sony further refused cash refunds, offering only store credits as remuneration. Sneaky Sony.

The Aussie watchdog has categorised the actions as being in contravention of the domestic consumer protection act and is looking to throw the book at the Japanese tech giant. While Sony has yet to comment on the allegations in an official statement, its share price told the story all too clearly!

Sony’s share price plunged 2.8% at the start of the Japanese trading session, spurred on by further indications of a prolonged trade war spat between the US and China. News of complications with downloaded content could be very damaging for Sony in the ultra-competitive gaming world, especially in the lead up to a new console release.

So just cough up the bucks, Sony, before the PS enthusiasts start eyeing-up a brand new Xbox!

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