Poll: Riding the Roller Coaster 🤑

by 12 Aug, 2021

This week, we asked the Invstr Community whether they believe emotions are helpful when investing. Once again, the poll had a major plurality, with 40 percent of Invstrs believing that emotions are never helpful when investing. Emotions can lead us to cut losses too early, take profit late, and vice versa. Along with that, many great investors have stressed the fact of not letting emotions enter your investing or trading, which makes this a common pick. In second place is the belief that emotions are rarely helpful when investing, with 34 percent of Invstrs backing this. Emotions can lead to bad decisions, but sometimes it’s ok as it could be beneficial in times like today, where meme stocks can make a run any day. Since this isn’t the most extreme no option, it’s surprising that it finished second.

The race for last place is close, but our bronze medallist is the belief that emotions are often helpful when investing. While incorporating emotions into your investing can help sometimes, one mistake could remove your success. The risks with emotional investing slot this option. Finally, in last place we have the 12 percent of Invstrs who believe that emotions are always helpful when investing. This is reasonable as emotional investing holds a lot of risk, and most investors have a moderate risk profile. Always using emotions takes a lot of strength, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad.

Did this poll change your opinion on emotional investing? If so, leave a message on a feed and keep an eye out for future polls to gain your 6 trades.

The Invstr Team 🙂




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