Apple Flexes Its Pricing Power 🍏

by | 4 Jun, 2019

Apple Flexes Its Pricing Power

An Apple event wouldn’t be an Apple event without a few gasps from the audience, and that’s exactly what investors have been treated to so far at its Worldwide Developers Conference. Investors have seen the christening of over 10 fresh apple creations, but that’s not all.
WWDC is an annual opportunity for Apple to show-off its latest tech to developers. It garners hype from all around the world. From the word go, execs this year were crossing things off a checklist people had been asking for. Apple’s geekiest fans are calling it the best WWDC in the post-Jobs era, and investors will be hoping so.
When the market judges Apple’s future worth, centre stage is the conveyor belt of products coming through. It’s very important that Apple keeps great products rolling off the assembly line if the maturity of its growth is to stay at bay. Tim Cook is faced with this task, as well as protecting what makes Apple great; it’s brand.
$1000 for a computer stand. That might sum it up, and yes, you read that correctly. Apple sure are flexing their pricing power at this year’s WWDC, but that’s again why investors love them. Being the number one brand in consumer tech affords them just that little bit more pricing power. For investors, that brand advantage is the bedrock of many a buy order!
In sum, new iOS + new $6k Mac Pro + $1k computer stand – a dissolved iTunes = WWDC19, and some happy traders after hours.
Events like WWDC19 (which runs until Friday) tease at what the future might hold for Apple and how Tim Cook is steering the direction of the world’s first trillion-dollar company. Calling this year’s event “remarkable”, the bar is set for Samsung and the rest of his Android competition.

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