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Ten modules, written by real investing experts. No confusing explanations. No jargon. Just the most crucial info you need to know to become a better investor.

Investing Introduction
Learn why you should start investing as soon as possible

Business Basics
Understand what makes a business tick

Economics Explained
Learn all about the economy and what drives it

Market Magic
See how the economy impacts financial markets

People Power
Meet the key people behind the markets

Worldly Wisdom
Build a framework to help you predict what could happen next

Financial Fitness
Discover what it takes to become a great financial athlete at the top of your game

Strategic Success
Develop an investment strategy for long-term success

Brokerage Accounts
Learn about opening and funding an account, and placing orders

Top Tips
Get top tips from our CEO Kerim, who has 30+ years of experience in investment banking

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Test your knowledge with quizzes and earn sweet trophies along the way! Complete all 10 modules and get an Academy certificate when you graduate investa cum laude.

Beef Up Your Vocab With My Glossary

Save important investing terms and definitions, and reference them anytime in your own personal glossary.

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