Kerim Derhalli announced as one of the 15 entrepreneurs to watch by Talent Unleashed Awards 2014 UK!

by | Oct 15, 2014

Talent International has been on the look out for individuals who are using technology to transform business or society.  In association with WIRED, the Talent Unleashed Awards 2014 UK celebrates individuals who have used technology in a creative or entrepreneurial way to transform business or the social landscape.

Kerim Derhalli, Founder and CEO of invstr has been announced as one of the Talent Unleashed Awards 2014 UK finalists for the ‘15 ones to watch’ for 2015!

Kerim Derhalli has a thirty year track record of building, growing and managing multi-billion dollar businesses at leading financial institutions all around the world. These roles have spanned the Equity, Commodity, Credit, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Derivative and Emerging Market asset classes. Prior to founding invstr, Kerim was Global Head of Equity Trading at Deutsche Bank.

In 2012, Kerim transitioned from working in the City to a full time entrepreneur, following his passion for financial markets, business design, and using diversity and collaboration to create high performing teams.

At invstr, we know that money and financial markets matter to everyone, yet to most people, the industry is a mystery and a source of resentment. We need to reinvent the financial system in a way that is fair and sustainable. Our purpose is to improve financial literacy by democratising access to financial information. We want to give everyone a stake in the markets. We have created a social network for finance, where people can play, learn and share; making finance fun, fair and collaborative. We call this making finance social. It is time we got the financial markets working for everyone again.

We have set out to provide high quality and affordable financial information, to enable people to share ideas and learn from each other in one beautifully designed app. invstr is taking social media one step further by using technology to create social value: aside from providing high quality information and sharing features, it is enabling the creation of collective insight into future market direction.  Through a crowd-sourced prediction game, we are able to unlock market expectations. Rather than looking at charts of the past, now we can all view charts of the predicted future!

The overall winner of the Talent Unleashed Awards 2014 UK  will be announced at the Haymarket Hotel in London on the 23rd October, and will be whisked off for a once in a lifetime trip to Richard Branson’s Centre for Entrepreneurship in South Africa this November.

Good luck Kerim!

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