5 November Watchlist 👀

by 5 Nov, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  Facebook (#fb)

Facebook has been taken to the cleaners by Washington for enabling election interference and failing to keep private data private, but that’s all fixed now because it has a new logo! There will now be Facebook corporate branding on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus. Zuckerberg says he’s doing it for transparency’s sake, but a creepy reminder that Facebook of all companies is watching our data could make this back-fire. This day had to come, and investors appreciate the neat design. However, a cosmetic switcharoo won’t influence the actual Facebook policies that we’re all waiting to see change, Congress included!

2. International Airlines Group (#iag)

The International Airlines Group is taking over the skies! Investors are all wound up again about yet another billion-dollar acquisition, this time of Spanish airline, Air Europa. Keeping an airline in business is all about luck and cost control. Joining the ranks of airlines like Vueling, Iberia, British Airways, and Aer Lingus, might afford Air Europa a bit of both. Plus, the prospects aren’t bad for IAG either. The conglomerate now has its planes controlling the tarmac at Madrid airport, giving it even more cost privileges. We shouldn’t be surprised. IAG is a business built on acquisitions. It’s pretty good at them.

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