Annual AstraZeneca Jabs and Amazon’s Satellite Biz 💉

by 31 Jul, 2020

Annual AstraZeneca Jabs and Amazon’s Satellite Biz

AstraZeneca is a British pharmaceutical giant leading the pack with Oxford University to produce a vaccine. It says a jab may need to be taken once per year to repel coronavirus, and that changes the entire ball game re stock prices for drug-makers who can offer one.

This would imply recurring earnings from selling a vaccine. This wouldn’t be a one-time opportunity. The market wouldn’t have to worry about the market getting cannibalized as each person gets vaccinated, so AstraZeneca shares could trade multiples higher.

The CEO of AstraZeneca covered himself by reiterating that he “didn’t know” what lay for treating the “unpredictable” virus, but his firm is now in late-stage trials with countries already lowering trade barriers to ensure its concoction makes it to them quick!

Amazon, in an unrelated note, is getting into the satellite business. We’ve known for some time about Blue Origin, now there’s Project Kuiper as well. This is about beaming a strong internet signal down from a space dish to people who are still struggling with buffering!

Amazon just won crucial FCC approval to get going on building the satellite network that will rival one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX projects, Starlink. Starlink has 12,000 satellites planned. Project Kuiper has 3,200 satellites planned. It’s about quality, not quantity, though, Bezos will tell us!

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