Virgin Galactic’s Cabin and Qualcomm’s Huawei Deal 🚀

by 30 Jul, 2020

Virgin Galactic’s Cabin and Qualcomm’s Huawei Deal

Qualcomm makes computer chips for of our tech devices, principally phones, and it’s set to play a massive role in building 5G networks. It makes money selling the chips (duh) but also by selling licenses to phone companies to use its patents that make 5G tech possible.

Qualcomm shares soared 15% yesterday as the company struck a rebellious deal with Huawei, the outcast Chinese phone-maker, to allow it to license tech. The negotiations became a legal fight just as they had with Apple last year, but now investors can sleep easy.

Qualcomm will get $1.6 billion in settlement payments in September, and can now say that it has every major smartphone OEM as a client heading into the 5G era!

Virgin Galactic are also on the cutting edge, literally looking to launch space tourism for the ultra-rich. There’s a long waiting list for $250,000 orbital flights, and now the celebrities can see their cabin. It looks like something from a posh Virgin hotel or lounge. Check it out!

The VSS Unity will also be decked out with mood lighting, cameras capturing souvenir shots, and reclinable seats, but the experience won’t last long. It’s about a ten-minute session up there before drifting back down, so the real winners are the permanent pilots.

Is this a business that has legs? What would you pay to see a vista of Earth from 45,000 feet?

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