29 November Watchlist 👀

by 29 Nov, 2019

Today we are watching…

1. Kohl’s (#kss)

Ahead of the holiday season, investors have their eyes on this department store retailer. Kohl’s is hamstrung by a flagging women’s apparel business but afforded some hope through heavy investments in marketing and a deeper partnership with Amazon. Kohl’s made headlines recently by revising its guidance of full-year earnings, an unpopular move. However, a strong performance this weekend could prove it an unnecessary one. If we’re glass-half-full investors, then Kohl’s has lowered the bar of expectations to potentially bring a New Year’s earnings beat within even closer reach! If we’re glass-half-empty investors, then Kohl’s is mentally preparing shareholders for further bad news. Red Friday or Black Friday? Long opportunity or short opportunity?

2. Boeing (#boeing)

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has not cleared the 737 MAX for take-off. In fact, the government regulator will begin painstakingly checking each and every aircraft next week to see if strict safety standards can be met. That’s over 500 planes! The state-backed commercial aerospace giant had a goal of getting the MAX back in business by year-end, but that’s looking a far cry now. Investors know the biggest curb on Boeing’s stock price is distrust and newfound flight fright. The company needs to win back orders from Airbus and do more to change the corporate culture that led to this mess before a break-out is back on the cards. 


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