28 November Watchlist 👀

by 28 Nov, 2019

Today we are watching…

1. Apple (#aapl)

Apple Airpods will be in hot demand this Thanksgiving! According to some analysts, over 65 million units could be sold in 2019 with production capacity not able to keep up! It’s true that in the last quarter, 54% sales growth of the company’s “wearables” segment (which includes the Airpods) looked very impressive. So, to keep the momentum going, a brand new model, the Apple Airpods Pro, is being released! Despite not shipping until after Christmas, leading analysts expect sales of the noise-canceling earbuds to shine bright this Black Friday. Potentially, they could carry Apple to another earnings beat in the New Year, which would send its stock skyrocketing amid qualms about tariffs and plateauing iPhone sales.

2. Alphabet (#googl)

Everyone wants to work at Google! Promising onsite gyms, pool tables, bars, swimming pools, and laundromats, it has the reputation of a utopia compared to cubicle-filled industrial parks. Even today, if you can get a job at Google, you’re flying high! However, a workless workplace culture may be catching up to the firm. Talent in Silicon Valley was attracted thanks to those perks, but now employees are adorning their resumes with the ‘employee activist’ label. For example, with Google building a search engine compatible with China’s ‘Great Firewall,’ disillusioned insiders are protesting and losing their jobs in the process. Business gurus insist that happy employees are the key to success, so how can the tech giant get its people back on-side?

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