24 Oscar Nominations for Netflix 🏆

by 14 Jan, 2020

24 Oscar Nominations for Netflix!

Every competitor in the streaming business wants a brass star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, it’s up to the consumer to decide who gets the lion share of the market. Oscar noms are out, and they really matter to investors in this hypercompetitive growth niche!

On the 9th of February, the head honchos of Wall Street’s biggest media companies will ride limousines into the center of Los Angeles. As distinguished guests alongside writers and directors at the Oscars this year, they’ll partake in the glitz and glamour that can only follow huge creative risk-taking.

Hit original content means everything to investors in Netflix, Disney, Apple, and Amazon. The intellectual property (IP) of Harry Potter, for instance, was Time Warner’s most valuable asset for years. It supported a massive earnings stream and even the creation of a theme park.

So, the streaming war is a war of talent. It’s vital to have the very best pictures up on screen to bid for more subscribers, and that’s why investors will be biting their nails next month as Netflix and Disney go head-to-head under the lights. Both companies are gunning for the most films with Oscars awarded, an objective marker of quality!

However, not all market players are taking side-show Oscar, Emmy, and SAG award ceremonies so seriously! ‘Eyeballs entranced’ is a streamer’s leading indicator of bottom-line profit, and critically acclaimed movies don’t necessarily enjoy great commercial success. We’ll have to wait and see on that account, but here are the nomination stats.

Netflix nabbed a record 24 nominations for a streaming service, pipping Disney to the post, which scored 23! Sony received 20; Time Warner garnered 10, and Apple and Amazon? A big fat zero. We’ll see how much real silverware each streamer takes home in a few weeks’ time!

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