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Happy new year!

    In 2016 we had 4 big shocks to the markets:
  1. Fear of a Chinese collapse
  2. Energy price collapse
  3. Brexit
  4. Trump election victory
    The markets recovered from all of those and ended the year on their highs.
    The likelihood is that we will see a continuation of 2016 trends in 2017 at least initially:
  1. Stronger growth, especially in the US. We have already had good data from Japan, China and the UK.
  2. Higher US rates, as confirmed by the recent Federal Reserve minutes (and lower bond prices)
  3. A stronger US dollar.
  4. Commodity markets supported by greater demand but held back by supply and a stronger US dollar. So, “range-bound”.
  5. Strong equity markets – no one is going to allocate money to bonds in this environment.

Happy investing in 2017!

Kerim Derhalli
CEO & Founder of invstr

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