19 July Watchlist 👀

by | 19 Jul, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  BlackRock (#blckrck)

Asset management is a fancy way to say investing, and it’s what BlackRock do every day. In recent years, people have flocked into passive investments like index funds which aim to not to pick only winning stocks, but all stocks. The trend has gone against BlackRock, the biggest team of superstar active managers in the world. Shareholders are now keen to hear exactly how heavy the impact of price wars has been in the industry. Analysts sound pretty downbeat about it, but could BlackRock surprise end the week on a high? Earnings estimates are for $6.52 profit per share on 3 and a half billion in revenue.

2. American Express (#amex)

American Express will bracket this week’s earnings announcements with a promising bid to beat its numbers. Amex payment cards are gaining momentum internationally, in-line with the company’s strategy to increase market share and create new customers. American Express is also co-branding with in-form names like Amazon, Delta, and Hilton. That will help, but investors are keen to hear the impact of growing costs before making any quick decisions about the stock. American Express will be judged against $2.05 profit per share on $10.8 billion in revenue. 

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