18 July Watchlist 👀

by | 18 Jul, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  Microsoft (#msft)

37% gains in the stock market this year have carried Microsoft over the trillion-dollar watershed. Unafraid to leave the Bill Gates era, CEO Satya Nadella is turning old product lines into disruptive growth centers. Investors looking for exposure to Cloud technology have, in many cases chosen Microsoft as their inroad. That was an inspired market play given the stocks wild outperformance and unofficial “whispers” on the Street tip the company to beat earnings again today! $1.21 of profit per share on $32 billion in revenue.  

2. UnitedHealth Group (#uhealth)

Owners of UnitedHealth drew a deep sigh of relief last week when Trump scrapped plans for drug price reform. The health insurer, which makes its money as a middleman between Americans and their doctors, would have lost bargaining power over the drug companies with whom it negotiates Americans’ care. That upset the stock for a good while, but on Trump’s announcement, it literally healed overnight! As the company reports earnings, investors are hoping for another good day at the office! Analysts prophesize $3.46′ worth of earnings per share on an impressive $60 billion of revenues.

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