16 July Watchlist 👀

by 16 Jul, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  JP Morgan (#jpm)

Somewhere amongst Tuesday’s tidal wave of earnings reports, JP Morgan hopes to beat profit expectations of $2.50 per share on a cool $28.64 in revenue. Jamie Dimon’s enormous bank is a very vocal market player. Yesterday alone, it voiced its bullish forecast for stocks, its hunch for a trade deal, and its vision of a soon-to-come rate cut from the Fed. Prone to heavy volume, JP Morgan could be one of the markets biggest movers by the end of play today if there’s an earnings surprise. Stand guard!

2. CSX (#csx)

The earnings figures out of this Eastern US freight train operator are more important than you think. In times of economic expansion, factories work on overtime to produce goods that need transporting around the country. That’s partly done by railroads like CSX. The health of the US economy is the lifeblood for that industrial production and this company’s profits. Investors are anxiously awaiting the moment they can count up the tonnage of freight CSX moved this quarter, gleaning themselves an extra economic proxy. 

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