16 August Watchlist 👀

by 16 Aug, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  John Deere (#deere)

John Deere is facing an uphill battle with Sino-US trade relations fracturing its tractor sales. The agricultural industry has also been drowned by rain, so the perils of farming are real for John Deere investors. Whenever the stock returns to winning ways, a trade blow strikes at the heart of its business. The 182-year-old company won’t give up without a fight, however, diversifying into Africa with some recent acquisitions. It no longer wants all its eggs into one, US basket. Analysts like that idea, but are still not optimistic about today’s earnings report. They’ve estimated John Deere will make $2.80 in profit per share on $9.3 billion in revenue. Let’s see how it does!

2. Qudian (#qd-adr)

Blissfully unaware of China’s economic quandary right now, this Eastern consumer credit provider keeps on climbing! Investors have ridden the upward growth up of an online credit market over there, but not without a few bumps in the road. In many industries, Chinese regulators are doing a corruption clean-up job, raiding firms without warning to fish out frauds. About time, but with its name baked into investigations, Qudian has found its business under scrutiny. Still, it’s come out the other side unscathed, and now more overseas investors trust its numbers. Some of its figures will be posted today, with the company aiming to continue a beating streak by surpassing $0.53 in profit per share.

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