15 May Watchlist 👀

by 15 May, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  Alibaba (#baba)

The big day is finally here. Alibaba is ready to publish its earnings today, and investors will be paying attention for signs of strength or weakness as a reflection of China’s economic health. Even though Alibaba’s core commerce business, mobile arm and cloud platform have experienced strong momentum, a number of considerable headwinds may continue to ruin the party. Trade war tension, faltering global growth and considerable competition from Amazon are all issues the company will need to face in 2019, giving the firm a tough outlook going forward. Don’t blink or you might miss out!

2. Cisco Systems (#cisco)

It’s also earnings day for Cisco and things look to be shaping up quite nicely for the firm. This quarter’s performance is likely to benefit from positive growth in its security, infrastructure platforms and applications segments which have grown significantly since the start of the year. Moreover a number of useful buyouts have helped strengthen and diversify the company’s portfolio. Revenues are forecast to increase 18% year over year and a number of promising AI initiatives to come in 2019 leaves the company in a good position going forward. 

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