15 July Watchlist 👀

by 15 Jul, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  Citigroup (#citi)

As it kicks off earnings season, it’s not just shareholders in the audience today for Citigroup’s numbers health check. With trade turning stomachs, many are tuning in for the banks rundown of the state of our global economy. Those who are actually invested in the financial services giant may listen in lighter spirits, the stock is up a whopping 34% since January! Can the bank broaden smiles on investors faces again today as it chases profit estimates of $1.78 per share on $18.5 billion in revenue? 

2. ShiftPixy (#pixy)

ShiftPixy is the gig economy’s staffing agency. It’s a new kid on the block having only been on the Nasdaq exchange since 2017 but, so far, investors have only winced at its performance. The stock has fallen hard as the company’s new app flops, and the market concerns over the founders’ checkered pasts. Ouch! The company has a chance to put things right today by beating analysts’ expectations of an $0.08 loss per share on $14.39 million in revenue.

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