15 January Watchlist 👀

by 15 Jan, 2020

Today we are watching…

1. General Motors (#gm)

General Motors (GM) is hard at work on the “Money Machine Mk. 2,” a sub-brand of luxury SUVs. The automotive giant hopes the ‘AT4’ line will surpass the “Money Machine Mk.1” Denali brand released years ago by GM’s former president, Dan Ammann. Denali trucks remain at the top-end of off-roaders, today racking up 60% of Yukon profits. However, it’s time for a change. The Tesla Cybertruck epitomizes a fleet of new competition for General Motors to fend off. An all-electric, mystery, SUV will be promoted at the Superbowl, and this AT4 selection is not expected to cannibalize Denali sales. Investors have high hopes that hype for the 2021 trucks can shift General Motors shares up a gear. If that’s to happen, it will happen soon!

2. Tesla (#tsla)

48% gains to the good over the past month, we can’t not talk about Tesla! Thinking like true business owners, Tesla hasn’t produced shareholders a dime in bottom-line profit as of yet. However, billions certainly have been made by market players trading hopes that will soon change. If Elon Musk, the real-life Tony Stark, can keep investors inspired for another six months, he’ll trigger his own pay package clauses. He’s set for twelve paydays of at least $350 million in stock options, giving him control of more than a quarter of his electric car company worth more than Ford and General Motors combined!

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