14 February Watchlist 👀

by 14 Feb, 2020

Today we are watching…

1. Xiaomi (#xia)

This Chinese tech giant has just released the flagship 5G smartphone that it hopes will turn around declining sales in its home market. Given the deadly distraction of the coronavirus, there were question marks about whether to go ahead with the Beijing launch of the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. Xiaomi pushed forward, and boasting of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor yesterday, has lined up investors with plenty of ideas of other 5G reliant companies to invest in. “Xiaomi could maintain a positive 2020 and use overseas markets as a growth engine, having a very fruitful 2020,” said Mo Jia, an analyst at Canalys.

2. Proctor & Gamble (#pg)

P&G is replacing price, product, placement, and promotion with “pass, pivot, and persevere.” The aging consumer goods giant once had the innovative flair to launch such home staples as ‘The Swiffer,’ Ivory soap, Tide, and Pamper’s. However, staying agile has proved difficult in the 21st century, and the company now relies on making the most of small product tweaks with smart marketing. Still, the company is bringing to market four new innovations this year, including anti-aging serums, lotions, and a fly spray. Insiders have got investors excited recently by cleverly marketing the great lengths P&G is going for success, studying wasps, and dissecting cockroach brains. Let’s hope the gambles pay off! 

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