13 September Watchlist 👀

by 13 Sep, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  London Stock Exchange (#lse)

 The London Stock Exchange makes its all possible! Listed itself, the company provides a market platform for the rest of us to get our hands on British businesses. Everything was groovy after the firm agreed a deal to buy Refinitiv, a market data provider. However, yesterday, a hostile bid was pinged across from its Hong Kong counterpart. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing wants to roll both companies into one. That’s really excited investors, but it’s conditional on the LSE ditching Refinitiv! Stock in the LSE jumped when the bid came through, but those shorting the stock could be in the money if the bid falls through. This melodrama will surely stretch into next week!

2. Gap (#gap)

 Old school retailer Gap needs to do something about its business prospects, and fast! With brick and mortar retail dying on the operating table, new strategies are needed for getting customers out of their houses and repairing margins. Gap has tried international expansion, but a few embarrassing mishaps almost turned it off the idea. Under CEO Art Peck, the company is going to retry a franchise model tactic, and entrust locals overseas with stores. Hopefully, no more blunt American misinterpretations will cost investors deer, and the famous retailer can start reversing its fortunes before it’s too late. Rooting for the Gap?

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