13 January Watchlist 👀

by 13 Jan, 2020

Today we are watching…

1. Dell Technologies (#dell)

The legendary quad monitor display is a staple in every serious trader’s setup. Flying in and out of trades can be a bit like joy riding without a seatbelt, so at-a-glance market intelligence is a must to have any chance of surviving market volatility. Dell understands this, but it doesn’t understand why four separate monitors are needed for the job. It’s come out with a single, 42-inch, purpose-built monitor for traders. Hot damn! We’re talking 4K, USB-Type C, HDMI-ready, at a $1,049 cost to your portfolio balance. Whether or not a single screen like this will be a hit with retail or business customers remains to be seen. After all, the more screens you have, the more money you make. Right?

2. Amazon (#amzn)

Jeff Bezos has thrown himself into the eye of a storm. While attending clutch meetings with Indian government officials about e-commerce, a trade group representing 70 million brick-and-mortar merchants is planning to demonstrate outside. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has beef with Bezos because of the mass discounts he’s running on the Amazon site. Smaller Indian retailers don’t have the pricing power to compete, and so they’re being picked off one by one. Last time Bezos checked, that was called capitalism. But he should be wary. A total wipeout of every small retailer in the country could have drastic social effects, and strengthen antitrust arguments against Amazon.


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