12 June Watchlist 👀

by | 12 Jun, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  Roche Holding (#roche)

Roche is a Swiss company formulating vitamin supplements. Earlier this week, it had over $4 billion of cash in hand, ready to go for an acquisition of gene therapeutics firm, Spark Therapeutics. That was before regulators stepped in, worried about how the deal might dampen competition. Should Roche eventually get the paperwork passed, a robust new position in the gene therapy market beckons for investors. Stay poised for breakthroughs.

2. Lululemon Athletica (#lulu)

Athleisure is doing well, the mix of athletics and leisure clothing put together by Lululemon. ‘Lulu’ is a rare example of a retail outlet that got online right. Now, it expands its rack of apparel into the men’s section, with analysts expecting the company to protect its healthy margins and make a $0.70 profit on $755 million turnover today. This stock has a reputation for sudden movements, keep it in focus today.

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