12 August Watchlist 👀

by | 12 Aug, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  Sysco (#sysco)

Sysco is bigger than you think. Moving food from A-to-B, its success depends on people choosing to dine out at restaurants. Investors are optimistic about that given the robust labor statistics of late, and Sysco’s merger department has also had a busy quarter. The firm bought two food distributors in April that will expand its network and fatten up sales from the get-go! Turning to the future, the company has big plans to revitalize its food brands and be more efficient. The market will be keen to hear Sysco’s progress today, as it aims to beat a $1.07 profit per share benchmark on $15.5 billion in revenue.

2. Barrick Gold (#barrck)

Investors are hoping there’s a pot of gold waiting for them in Barrick’s earnings report today. Gold is seen as a safe haven for market players who feel uneasy about world events. As you can imagine, this gold miner has struck the jackpot in recent quarters. It’s rallied with the surging price of gold to over 1500 dollars, with Trump’s trade jitters acting as the perfect tailwind! Let’s not be blinded, however. Top of Barrick’s to-do list is to pay off its cumbersome debt load. For today, analysts have set a 10 cent profit per share target on $2.09 billion in revenue.

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