11 October Watchlist 👀

by 11 Oct, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  Fitbit (#fitbit)

‘Made in China,’ no longer! Wearable tech player, Fitbit, is pulling all of its manufacturing from the country amid this feisty trade war! The goal is to circumvent risk, but some investors are worried Fitbit is actually creating risk. Investors will regain stability, but lose skilled, low-wage workers. If the two countries agree any deal and December tariff hikes are canceled, Fitbit will have uprooted for nothing! Fitbit needs to catch up to Apple in the wearable tech market, and Apple still manufactures in China. The market has its fingers crossed that this costly and time-consuming tactic will pay dividends against Tim Cook’s company.

2. Carlsberg (#carlsb)

Talk about sustainable investing, Danish beer maker Carlsberg is doing its bit for the planet! Last year, Carlsberg did away with beer pack plastic rings that sea turtles so often find their heads stuck in, instead glueing the cans together. Today, the firm got creative with the bottles themselves. The next time you order a Carlsberg, you might be offered it in a wood fiber bottle. The recyclable bottle is only in its prototyping stages, but investors love the sound of attracting ethically conscious money to the stock. The challenge for Carlsberg will be ensuring that its new packaging doesn’t turn mess with the delicious taste of its 172-year old brew! 


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