11 June Watchlist 👀

by | 12 Jun, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  H&R Block (#hrblock)

H&R Block lends a hand when it comes to filing taxes. Today, it files its own numbers, reporting on another year in business. Being the industry’s leading player with only 15% market share, H&R Block’s competition isn’t easing. In fact, the shift to DIY tax preparation presents an additional problem that needs solving. Analysts have set their expectations at $4.14 in earnings per share on $2.32 billion of revenue.

2. Salesforce.com (#salesf)

Salesforce.com, with its flagship customer relationship software, just spent $16 billion shopping for acquisitions! It’s sealed a deal with investors of Tableau, paying them in Salesforce.com shares so it can absorb the data analytics firm’s technology into its software. Spending big like this is always a risk, which explains the red ‘CRM’ ticker. However, a risk well taken? We’ll see.

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