11 July Watchlist 👀

by | 11 Jul, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  Delta Air Lines (#delta)

Long haul airline, Delta, springs into this quarter’s earnings release on the back of some rather prosperous stock gains. There’s also fortune in the airline’s lack of a Boeing 787 MAX fleet. Competitors to Delta have barely been able to take their new toys out of their boxes after the new plane crashed twice in March and spiked safety jitters all over the world. Delta is poaching competitors’ customers, the economy is sound, and ticket fares are on the up. What’s not to like right now for investors? Delta will be hoping for some alpha as analysts set the earnings bar at $2.30 per share on $12.5 billion in revenue.

2. Fastenal (#fast)

To beat earnings today, Fastenal will have to shift electrical and industrial hardware at top speeds. That’s what it gets paid for. Investors in the industrial distributor love the company’s solid growth and conservative financials. Now, they’re excited for what vending machines can add to their bottom line, as Fastenal delivers more grab-a-tool stocking bins to construction sites. On the downside, however, the company is heavily reliant on the manufacturing industry for sales. The market could fear for Fastenal if the trade war flares up again, but for now, it aims to beat estimates of $0.37 per share on $1.38 billion in revenue.

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