11 December Watchlist 👀

by 11 Dec, 2019

Today we are watching…

1. Agilent Technologies (#agil)

This manufacturer of laboratory instruments just won the blessing of Superinvestor, Bill Ackman. Also known as ‘The Ack Man’ or ‘Uncle Ack,’ the famed billionaire has a 20-year investment record of outperformance. Now, he believes this Hewlett-Packard spin-off can extend those winnings with even more upside ahead of its 16% gain this year. Many tipped Netflix to be his next purchase, given a bullish stance on their streaming war prospects. But the market share growth and dividend of Agilent Technologies seems to have proved too tempting. Bill Ackman would be a useful man to mind read! Of course, though, even the experts can get it wrong.  

2. ExxonMobil (#exxon)

Investors still get most of their information about a company from the company itself, so honest and accurate communication is a must! If a company is deemed to have lied to its investors, that’s fraud, and such a revelation is followed by a mass stock market sell-off. Four years ago, a long saga of investigations and public testimonies were sprung on Exxon, the American oil giant. It was accused of misleading investors about the actual cost of climate change on its bottom-line, but when CEO Rex Tillerson answered for this in October, he insisted it was all just a politically-motivated smear campaign by anti-fossil fuel groups. Yesterday, a court agreed. Exxon is free from federal clutches, for now. From the climate change crisis, however? It’s still right in the thick of it!

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