10 January Watchlist 👀

by 10 Jan, 2020

Today we are watching…

1. Facebook (#fb)

The bumper ad spend of US presidential elections will spell good news for the bottom-line of Facebook, a marketing platform that has proved itself a little too effective in recent years! The social media giant was an easy target for fake news four years ago. It managed to duck antitrust consequences and fix up its embattled stock price as marketers stayed loyal, but there’ll be no second chances this time. Mark Zuckerberg is on his final warning from Washington, especially now that Facebook is citing freedom of speech as an excuse not to fact-check ads. Is it worth the risk, or should investors be shorting Facebook as a November cliff edge nears? 

2. AB InBev (#abinbev)

With renewable enthusiasm, the world’s biggest brewer is doubling down on its commitment to solar power. To swill and mix the likes of Budweiser and Becks, the company requires 250 megawatts hours of electrical output, every year. That’s a lot of energy, enough to power a million standard desktop computers, and only two Spanish facilities will supply it! Anheuser Busch is also just the latest corporation to bet big on sustainables to cut carbon emissions. Microsoft has signed similar agreements for solar power out of North Carolina, and Amazon is building its very own solar and wind hub in Scotland to serve Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers.

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