9 August Watchlist 👀

by | 9 Aug, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  Advanced Micro Devices (#amd)

Chip-maker AMD’s next-generation chip, the ‘Epyc 2,’ is doing exactly what it says on the tin for investors! It’s flying off the shelves with Google and Twitter amongst a host of big-name customers, and the surge in demand hasn’t gone unnoticed by the market either. According to investors, the company is almost 16% more valuable, given this news. However, advances to the stock come with a caveat. The firm is heavily exposed to the trade war, having caught a few swinging elbows this year as investors desert semiconductors. Nonetheless, investors’ sentiment looks rosy, and we’ll find out today if it’s here to stay! 

2. Ryanair (#ryan)

Pilots are taking flight from Ryanair, promising to strike bang in the middle of our holidays! After diplomacy failed between Europe’s biggest low-cost airline and the British Airline Pilots Association, pilots have walked out of their cockpits. The trade union in question cites pay and working conditions, with Ryanair using the excuse of a no-deal Brexit and grounded 737 MAXs. This all leaves investors caught between two fires. The financial damage of failing holidaymakers could stifle upcoming earnings. It’s all descending into chaos at Ryanair, which if you’re not a shareholder, makes for quite a good show!

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