8 July Watchlist 👀

by | 8 Jul, 2019

Today we are watching…

1.  Electronic Arts (#elecarts)

The video game community is notoriously easy to annoy. Investors in EA are still reeling from a botched release of football game ‘FIFA 19’ last year, and this weekend, you’d be forgiven for missing news of the ‘Apex Legends Season 2’ release. That’s because barely any gamers tuned into see it streamed on Twitch, showing how traditionally hit or miss this business can be. It’s not game over yet though! EA still has plenty more in the works. 

2. Alibaba (#baba)

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is over, the United States won (congrats!), and Chinese payment app AliPay, affiliated with Alibaba, was so impressed with the tournament that it’s pledged to put a billion yuan behind it. If you’re curious what the fallout from a trade war looks like, ask Alibaba. Tariff disputes have been the Achilles heel of its stock this year, coupled with some fast-rising competition. However, a younger, more agile affiliate subsidiary called AliPay wants to get its foot in the door in new areas. One to watch!

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