06 July Watchlist 👀

by 6 Jul, 2020

Today we are watching…

1. Walmart (#walmrt)

Walmart is hoping to step in for a market of filmophiles and movie buffs by partnering with the Tribeca Film Festival to convert over 160 store locations into makeshift drive-in movie theaters. This won’t move the needle for Walmart shares, but it represents new competition for cinema operators in the United States. It might be temporary; it might be permanent; there used to be over 4,000 drive-in movie theatres in the fifties, so why not have a renaissance? The Walmart-Tribeca classics like ‘Jaws’ and ‘Apollo 13’ will air in August, bear this in mind if moviegoers to the country’s reopening modern cinemas are few and far between leading into the latter stages of this year. It could make the difference between an earnings beat or a miss!

2. Moderna (#mrna)

The markets got spooked on Friday as this biotech lab announced a delay to the late-stage trial of its supposed coronavirus vaccine. What’s wrong? If there as an issue in mid-stage trials, the vaccine might be dead in the water or there could just be a quick fix required. If you believe in the lab, buy the dip. The whole point of trials is to learn and improve the drug. However, time is also of the essence. Sanofi, Oxford University, and Glaxo look set to reach the market first, and the world will take the first vaccine it’s offered. 

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