03 April Watchlist 👀

by 3 Apr, 2020

Today we are watching…

1. Zoom Video (#zoom) 

Beware, investors. Your stock-pick sensitive Zoom calls with insiders and co-investors could be prone to hacking by imposters. The hijackers are spying at best. The Chinese company, Zoom Video, has done exceedingly well in past months as executives resort to the powers of the internet for communication. Some investors have been hoping that once these dinosaur executives realize how easy and safe it is to work online, they might never go back to their offices. Now, sentiment has changed. If Zoom can’t guarantee privacy and security soon, this coronavirus episode in history could end up taking the firm backwards!

2. SoftBank Group Corp (#softbnk)

Thanks to negative interest as the hallmark of Abenomics in Japan, the rich and ambitious can borrow money there for all manner of entrepreneurial ideas. SoftBank is a Japanese investment house with a ‘Vision Fund.’ It’s famous for a 300-hundred-year outlook! Investors can barely predict ten years into the future, let alone three-hundred, and so most normal traders chuckle at SoftBank’s bubbly bets. However, the firm does have some value, surely, and it’s ruthlessly sold-off during this downturn. It may be worth a genuine look-in according to some analysts who have recently revised its rating from neutral to underweight. What say you?  

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