02 December Watchlist 👀

by 2 Dec, 2019

Today we are watching…

1. Berkshire Hathaway (#berk-a)

It’s through holding company Berkshire Hathaway that Warren Buffett makes his market-moving investments. Scrutinized for sitting on the sidelines of this bull run with an enormous dormant cash pile of $128 billion, the Oracle of Omaha is making renewed attempts to lower that number. Tech Data, a middleman that supplies small companies with tech from large companies, spent Friday deliberating a $130 per share buyout offer from another investor. Halfway through, a mystery bid from Buffett threw the cat among the pigeons. His rivals sweetened their original proposal to $140 a share, so Buffett backed down. Keen to pay the right price, the patient Berkshire Chairman is more than happy to wait for a fatter pitch. What do you think he should try bidding for next?

2. Coupa Software (#coup)

Cloud computing upstarts are going toe-to-toe this week on earnings, and today will be Coupa Software’s day to go before the judges. The company is close to dipping into the red financially, but the spend management platform it offers is only growing in popularity across the business world. Profit margins are expected to widen following new subscriptions, and an increase in partnerships should expand the benefits of using Coupa software. Revenues are moving in the right direction. Investors are now looking for evidence of the same from bottom-line profits. Analysts are expecting $0.06 of net income per share on $96.5 million in revenues.

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